Release of some really nice additions

15 Jun 2017

On Wednesday, June 7th, we migrated some very cool stuff to our Live servers that you can take advantage of right now! Please note these items are currently in beta so if you find any issues please notify us at 

Zapier Integration -

Read our Zapier knowledge base here:
Finally, an amazing way for you to automatically export leads and registered users to popular applications such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, or select from over 750+ applications.

Why is this so amazing? Well, most of you use a third party application or multiple third party applications that Zapier supports already to handle stuff like drip marketing, or newsletters, and you are obviously using DynamicIDX's/Myrsol's product. So now combined with Zapier, your leads can be automatically exported to your drip marketing, newsletter, or whatever you can imagine! (*As long as the application is supported by Zapier)

We give you the ability to export using 3 Triggers - New Registered User (Automated Trigger), New Contact (Automated Trigger) and New Simple (Manual Trigger). You can read more about Triggers here -> 

A new stat field was also added to your [Leads -> All] index page that will show how many Zaps for each lead were done. Also when viewing a lead, you might notice a new tab called "Zap Logs". This will display the time and date and type of Zap performed.

You can find Zapier integration under [Preferences -> Zapier Lead Hooks] in the admin of your site.

Zapier requires some patience when setting it up because there are so many steps on the Zapier side of things. However, it is VERY powerful and well worth it. If at anytime you feel overwhelmed by all the steps and you need assistance with getting Zapier integrated for an application that Zapier supports, you can send us an email to and we’ll give you a quote to get it all setup. We anticipate quite a few of you will want to get this setup ASAP so we’ll have to do it on a first come first serve basis.

Decline Leads (Multi-Agent Site)

Agents now have the ability to decline leads, with a given reason. Leads will now have a [Decline Lead] button which when clicked will require the agent to type out a reason of why they're declining the lead. Once the agent clicks save, an email and text message (if setup) will be dispatched to the sites primary email address and a text message to the site's default cell # so action can be taken accordingly.

A new stat for Declined Leads has also been added to the agent profiles under [Agents -> Profiles] so at a glance, you can see how many leads an agent has declined.

In addition, Admins can view Decline Stats under [Leads -> Decline Stats]

Agent Listing Pages overhaul

The agent listing pages have been given a slight update to break off "Sold" status listings from all other status listings. If your MLS Board has Sold Status available to us, you may see a new button under Agents called "Sold Listings". The current "My Listings" will be all status except Sold statuses, while the [Sold Listings] button will be all Sold Status listings.

We also removed the .html extension from Agent Listing pages, and are 301 redirecting those to the new URL format. Please note that sold data can incur an extra cost. Please contact us for more information at

Bulk Reassign Leads (Multi-Agent Site)

You asked, so we did it. Admins now have the ability to reassign leads in bulk from 1 agent to another. An email will also be dispatched to the primary email for the site with details on who performed the bulk reassign and who is receiving the leads.

In addition, the agent receiving the recently reassigned leads will see a summary in the email of the latest 100 leads that were reassigned. To see the rest the agent must login to the backend to view them all. Recently reassigned leads will also show a different background color noted in the legend at the top of the leads page for 2 weeks, and then after 2 weeks, the background will go away.

You'll find the Reassign Leads under [Agents -> Profiles]. A new button [Reassign Leads] will be shown next to any agent who has Leads. Clicking this button will popup a window where you can select the Agent who you want to receive the leads.

Hide that Office/Agent Name!

Another new feature we did for our Saved Searches, Favorites and Property Spy emails was to hide the office and agent courtesy of line on the view details page. So when a user clicks a link in those emails, and it takes them to the site, they will no longer see the office/agent name on that listing. Also, the [View the Rest] link in the Saved Search emails, will also not display the agent/office when clicked.

In addition, Listings sent out using the snippet from the leads [Send Email] button will also work the same as the emails above. Those links will also hide the office/agent display.

Finally… As with all updates, there were some other bug fixes here and there as well.