Have you received this "Publicly accessible Google API key for Google"

  • 9th March 2023

Have you received this "Publicly accessible Google API key for Google", if so, we strongly suggest that you restrict your API key to your domain and or IP with Google and that you set up a budget. This message is going out to everyone it seems. For more information please visit our Knowledge base here!

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2-Step Auth now required by Google to access mail servers!

  • 24th January 2023
If you are using Google mail servers for your domain and you never set up 2-Step Authentication, Then you will now have to do so. Google now requires anyone using 3rd party apps with their mail servers to do this. If you received an email from us with the subject "SMTP Issue Detected" then you will need to set up 2-Step Authentication and get an ...
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Caution With Scammers

  • 4th October 2022
We have heard from a few customers that someone is calling them pretending to be from MYRSOL, our old company name, and Dynamic IDX. Please note all our money collections are done only through our billing system. If someone calls asking for money, please check your billing account with us and pay through that system only. You can verify your ...
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First Monthly Cost Increase in over 4 Years!

  • 12th September 2022
Effective 11/1/2022, we will be raising our Monthly rates for all sites by $10.00/mo. We will be raising frames monthly by $5.00/mo. We here at Dynamic IDX strive to keep our monthly fees as low as possible as we know our clients need a powerful and affordable site they can afford. This increase is far lower than the increases our competitors have ...
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