Enhance Listings Need more than ever after NAR Settlement

  • 3rd July 2024
Many agents are asking us if they can enhance (Modify) their listings with a Dynamic IDX website, aka add more content to their MLS listing on their website. The simple answer is yes, and we just upgraded this feature to better serve our clients. For more information on this, please ...
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Convert any property detail page to an open house cature page.

  • 26th April 2024
How about a way to quickly create an open house page for any property detail page? You can now easily convert a property detail page to an open house capture page. You can display the listing on an iPad or equivalent device during your open house, and your clients can register from the page. Your clients will then be registered on your site as ...
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Monthly Cost Changes Effective January 1, 2024 For All Intergrated IDX Websites

  • 10th November 2023
Effective January 1, 2024, Dynamic IDX, LLC will be raising our monthly Integrated IDX rates for all sites by $18.50. Due to heavy cost increases throughout this past year, we have been hard-pressed to stay within our current rates, and after much contemplation, we feel this is the best move to continue to support our customers in the way we have ...
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Have you received this "Publicly accessible Google API key for Google"

  • 9th March 2023

Have you received this "Publicly accessible Google API key for Google", if so, we strongly suggest that you restrict your API key to your domain and or IP with Google and that you set up a budget. This message is going out to everyone it seems. For more information please visit our Knowledge base here!

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