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How about a way to quickly create an open house page for any property detail page? You can now easily convert a property detail page to an open house capture page. You can display the listing on an iPad or equivalent device during your open house, and your clients can register from the page. Your clients will then be registered on your site as a user, if they are not already, and receive the open house property via email.

How can you do this? Very easily. Let me show you.

Go to the property detail page on your site, for example. Let's take the property detail page

Listing Detail page

You can see this is showing the property. To make this an open-house capture page. Add "?openhouse" to the end of the URL like you see below.

Open house page for listing

Once you press enter, you will see the new page layout and a form blowing the listing. This creates a great way to capture new clients during your open house. As these are also sent to you via email, you could also use this page to register users for a drawing. 

This system has already been added to all websites on our system. Enjoy!


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